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Welcome to Delius Harmony

Welcome to Delius Harmony

Hello and welcome to Delius Harmony. In this blog I plan to analyse the music and in particular the harmony of the English/French/German composer Frederick Delius (1862 – 1934). I’ll also be looking into other composers from around the same period who used a similar harmonic style to that of Delius’. These will include mainly British composers such as York Bowen and Cyril Scott, though the vast majority of the research will be on Delius himself.

My name is Rowan Hudson. I’m a pianist and teacher by trade and studied Jazz at Middlesex University from 2011-2014. I’m in no way a scholar of Delius and at the moment feel like I have only scratched the surface of his harmonic concept, though hopefully during the course of writing this blog and with some help from other interested users we can uncover some of the theory behind what made Delius’ harmonic concept so unique and distinctive.

I’ll aim to avoid unnecessary jargon and make this blog as easy to understand as possible, though a good understanding of basic harmonic principles will come in handy to understand some of the more complex areas of the analysis. I would also welcome any suggestions for areas to cover or particular passages to analyse from Delius’ repertoire.